Monday, May 7, 2012

Nice round springer...who owns it, I want it!

Got these pictures from Dave Brackett but we lost the guys email who owns it. He needs to contact us again about it. Very nice original round AEE springer. You will note in the pictures the etched logo under the tree, this started in 1971 but was later changed to stamping of the logo. On the bottom of the leg is stamped the length, also something that started later on. Also the AE number on the lower tree is not a serial number but rather an assembly number and it too began after 71/72. You will also see the bolt that holds in the stem. the tang washer is supposed to key in to a hole in the lower tree to help hold it in. Early AEE springers all had welded in stems. They were changed to bolt in for sake of assembly, inventory etc. Other than some dust on this it's amazing the shape the chrome is in 40 years later. More proof of AEE quality.

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