Monday, May 21, 2012

Page 3 1975 dealer catalog

Another page of mystery! First the spool and brake wheel assemblies we always sold. At times in the catalog they were offered as an assembly and other times as component pieces with the option of us lacing it up for you. The "Tracker Wheel" shown appears to have been prototype only along with the softail frame its on. Virtually the last bike built at AEE was this yellow Sportster softail. AEE also at one time had 50 of the first cast wheels made up for motorcycles. It predated even the motorcycle manufacturers. It shows up  only briefly in a catalog or two and was put on the rear of the Supersport (red Sportster) for a while. the pipe shown here were built and sold but in limited quantities. Of all of them I think the Side by Side are pretty nice. None of the pipes were ever marked as AEE so it's hard to identify any as being ours other than by a unique design such as this.

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