Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The Corvair Trike and Ed Roth

Tom on the Corvair trike with Ed Roth in the background with his trike. Tom's Kuncklehead "The Mindbender" was bought from Ed. This picture is from a staged article for Street Chopper very early on (1969). The build of the Corvair was featured in Cycle Guide over a handful of issues, same for the Mindbender as tom at that time was a contributor to the magazine. Corvair trike was a beast, fired right up and you could wheelie it at will pretty much. Unlike most trikes of that era that used Corvair or VW power the engine is out front.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Love this bike!

this was our Sporty, called the Supersport. Frigging great looking bike, killer paint by Molly. Built by Dave Brackett and others at AEE. Showed what you could do with a Sporty.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Old stuff

This is an ad from back when AEE was just a chopper shop in Buena Park. Check out the prices, those were the days! From this grew the parts and publishing empires.

At the Salt Flats

This is when Leo Payne ran the famous Turnip Eater for AEE. Bike is in the national motorcycle museum, still painted red, white and blue but the AEE that was on it has been removed. That is Tom's Cessna 310 painted by Molly and our ladies dressed to thrill! Showman to the end Tom staged all this for the magazine and for advertising. Leo was a nice guy. Unreal to stand beside that bike running on nitro while at full tilt on the dyno!