Thursday, January 31, 2013

Another AEE mystery solved-the shock springer

I ran across some picture sin the January 1971 issue of Street Chopper that somehow had escaped me all these years. I sent them to both Dave and Lenny and here is what they said.

From Lenny: Yeah, I vaguely recall it but don't remember ever selling one.

From Dave (edited by me) :After we moved to Burton Way, and Big Twin was done, I was spending most of my time on the road, working with vendors.I hired this guy from the aerospace industry to be our designer .  Unfortunately he wasn't sharp about cost or ease of manufacturing, etc..  This was his baby and it had too many pieces, too much welding, too much pressure on top plate, etc. We could not build it for the sales price. 

So one was built and none ever sold....even if it didn't work right it sure would be fun to have!

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

AEE footpegs

Ran across these pictures on Ebay...not very good pics but these are the real deal, AEE machined foot pegs...4 3/4" long and 3/8-24 can see our high quality chrome even 40 years later looks pretty darn good. I have some of these (un chromed) so thought I'd share that these are available right now on Ebay.

Monday, January 21, 2013


Many issues cutting in to AEE and Blog new news on the Corvair Trike yet....I do have some info coming on the famous Magnuson blower that AEE ran as a prototype for Magnuson on our Sportster Kit Bike.......and just for the followers of AEE a sneek peak at an on-going project.......UPDATE: 1/22 just heard from DAVE and she lit off on first try, the beast is loose folks. A big special day for us. Couldn't have done it without the magician Dave Brackett.

Friday, January 4, 2013

Some new info on the Corvair Trike!

Just had a great conversation with Scott Russell of Motosport Hillsboro in Oregon. He bought AEE Choppers Corvair Trike in about 2000 not knowing what it was at that time. he bought it as it had some Halibrand mags on it that he was interested in. On getting the trike home he wondered why he had bought it as it was in very rough shape, all there, but rough. Not long after he accidentally ran across the article about building the trike in Cycle Guide (this was prior to Street Chopper existing). Suddenly he realized what he had. A few years went by and he needed to cut his inventory of vehicles and such so he listed it on Ebay. A flurry of activity followed and he pulled the ad to rethink things a bit. Later an offer got made to him and he accepted it and turned the trike over in Medford,OR to the son of the buyer. The trike was headed to the LA area. I made contact once with someone claiming they had the trike in SoCal but they never responded to my emails.
So it sounds to me that the trike may still be out there hiding once again. We need to beat the bushes and find this piece of history so we can get it on the road again....maybe! Scott kindly is searching for any photos or further information he may have and will share it with us all. Meanwhile stop by his website or dealership:

Wednesday, January 2, 2013


I'll try to get more AEE posts in this year than last....last year wasn' t real kind to me. Heck, I had another death in the family in December! So we will all hope for a better and brighter new year!