Thursday, May 19, 2011

Kit bike engine

This is a picture of the AEE Sportster kit bike engine. When this bike was originally assembled in the prototype department it had this engine in it without the Joe Hunt mag and Weber carb. As the kit bike was coming together a "performance division" was established at AEE. to that end we put these two items on this build. Later on one of the very first Magnuson superchargers showed up on it. It became probably our best "mule" for parts. Over the couple of years it had many different parts and accesories designed for it and installed on it. It ended up in multiple stories and ad's in Street Chopper. To see it in the original form, no paint or chrome, check out the June 1971 issue Street Chopper. Also note that AEE pioneered fully chroming engines with the Mindbender knucklehead. At that time common thought was the engine would overheat if plated.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Pink Floyd

Dave Brackett our esteemed engineer and designer at AEE recently forwarded me this picture of one of four choppers built for Pink Floyd for the 1974 European tour. I am just getting infoon them. The current owner of this bike is a guy named Laurent who is French and currently living in Germany.This is the only picture I have so far but for sure the sissy bar, springer, risers and handlebar are AEE....perhaps the front brake and seat too! As I get more information I'll update.