Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Article about Dave Brackett's hot rod

Great article and pictures about Dave's old hot rod he ran on the street back when he lived with Tom car and nice article. Happy to see Dave get more recognition. Check it out!

AEE reverse rib fender

A friend of the AEE John Kelly (he has an interesting build going on that is AEE related but more on that when he is ready) recently came across an AEE rarity....our reverse rib fender. Fenders are a dime a dozen but these reverse ribs were quite unique at the time and you won't find one very often. Fenders are one of those things that get changed often and so there aren't many left. As you can see in the pictures (excuse the hideous green paint) the side fender lip has a crease rolled in to it. If you look at our sissy bars the fender mount brace mimics this shape and they are a perfect match together, notice too the arc of the fender. I checked with Dave Brackett our brilliant designer and engineer and he indicated that our sub-contractor HOG Manufacturing in LA made these for us. We had been getting regular fenders from them and asked if they could do something different and this is the result. I remember quite clearly cutting the hell out of myself most days trying to separate stacks of these fenders so we could ship them out. Sold a ton of them! Enjoy another small piece of AEE history......

Friday, July 26, 2013


Dave talked with me about the amount of "flop" in the kit bike's front end. He said we should do something about it as the trail number was much too high, about 8".
He cooked up an idea of how to remedy it.....First he would bend the upper triple tree plate 5 degrees, then he would extend and then re-machine the lower tree with a 5 degree rake in the stem. Then he would extend the legs of the square glide about 4"....we would end up with a chopper that is about 5" longer, sits about the same, steers better, no flop and has a wonderful trail number of 3".  I said sounded good to me (thats because I understand it and how to do the work its beyond my abilities). Sure enough Dave whipped it out in a couple days of hard work. Look carefully at the pictures. While the kit bike is not sitting on the lift in the exact same position you can see the difference in the tree (no rake one picture, rake in next) and its easy to see the additional length.....amazing work by an amazing guy Dave Brackett!

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

AEE Supersport

I don't think I have posted this particular picture of the AEE Supersport before. In my opinion this was the "sleekest" of the AEE builds. The flow of the tank and frame are spot on. Once again a Dave Brackett creation.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

NOT how to haul your chopper

Recently on one of my favorite websites, the Jockey Journal, there was  discussion about hauling bikes and the variety of lash up's seen. I mentioned that once at Disney World during Daytona Bike Week I had seen an HD tied to the roof of a Caddy. What looked like clothesline went through the windows and held the bike on top of the roof and trunk. At least that was my memory. Sure as heck one of the guys posted this picture (outside a Hooters no less). Don't know if its the same one but here you have how not to transport a bike.

A BSA with an AEE square glide.

One of our readers used an eagle eye to spy out the AEE square glide front end on this "bobber". It appears to be a BSA in a modified stock frame though I could be way wrong. I'd love to know who's this is and how they came on to the square glide. Not many out there any more. Nice clean build, minimalist.