Tuesday, August 30, 2011

AEE Choppers web site!!!

At long last we are getting our web site put together. We only have a few pages so far. It will be expanding rapidly in a short time. Check it out:


Tuesday, August 23, 2011


This is our Honda 750. Tom didn't want to get in to Japanese or British bikes too much but Dave Brackett saw to it we did. He designed and built this frame. Square glide front end and our fiberglass Sporty tank, tall king and queen seat but most importantly was the pipes which were AEE. Those things sounded wicked plus hell there was 4 of them. Very nice bike, very reliable BUT it had the ugliest damn paint job on it. Molly did it for us but I'm not sure where the design came from. I mean the paint was the usual flawless Molly work but man was it ugly. However, if you go back to 1972 and look at paint on some of the bikes maybe it isn't all that ugly. Just not up to AEE standards I didn't think.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Very early Big Twin pictures

Ran across these pictures of Dave Brackett and Jim Clark (and a third guy I can't identify) working over Big Twin very early in it's life. It just boggles the mind that Dave built this in 32 days! Look at the frame and bodywork involved alone. For god's sake 2 Sporty engines, auto trans and 45 Servicar rear end. Its just flat amazing. Then throw it all has to come apart for chrome and paint and then it wins the Oakland Roadster show!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The next generation

This is a shot of my son Devin helping me jerk an Ironhead motor out of a hardtailed frame.....engine being used for an upcoming project. bought it as a half assed roller just for the engine. Look close and you will see a tiny little sliver of yellow on Devin's shirt....it's an AEE shirt of course!

Sissy bar on Really (1968 Honda 350)

This is a closeup of the sissy bar on Really. The tips were Brass I believe. The wheels on the bike were Parkerized a goldish color to match the paint and brass pieces. This is the very first chopper Dave Brackett built for AEE after he went to work there.

Tom and Deanna

Here is a picture of Tom McMullen and his last wife Deanna.  Picture taken at a car show somewhere.

Monday, August 15, 2011

AEE mono girder

Here is an AEE mono girder on bike that is in Japan. You won' t see many of these.Most girders have two legs but ours was only one and square tube too.

Monday, August 8, 2011


One of my favorite catalog covers.....left to right...The Shovelhead (purple bike) , the Kit Bike Sportster (yellow bike), the Honda 750 (white bike) , The Supersport (red bike).
Rose McMullen on the left, then Pam, Big Vicki (we had a little one too) and can't remember the last one....all worked in the office. And of course Tom McMullen leaning on the Continental Mark.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

AEE mini drum brake

this is our mini-drum. Many others out there but only one similar to this one. Hallcraft made one that was similar. You can tell the difference as on the small spool side of ours each spoke has its own hole. On theirs its a slotted affair to take two spokes, so instead of 36 holes it has 18 slots.. Neither one would stop your chopper. They were produced solely with the idea of meeting the letter of the law which said after, I believe 1970, you had to have a front brake. this one is in very good condition but is being stripped and sent to get fresh chrome. Shoes will be relined with modern brake lining materials and new Barnett cable will be made for it.