Tuesday, August 2, 2011

AEE mini drum brake

this is our mini-drum. Many others out there but only one similar to this one. Hallcraft made one that was similar. You can tell the difference as on the small spool side of ours each spoke has its own hole. On theirs its a slotted affair to take two spokes, so instead of 36 holes it has 18 slots.. Neither one would stop your chopper. They were produced solely with the idea of meeting the letter of the law which said after, I believe 1970, you had to have a front brake. this one is in very good condition but is being stripped and sent to get fresh chrome. Shoes will be relined with modern brake lining materials and new Barnett cable will be made for it.


  1. "Neither one would stop your chopper."

    Way too funny, but I'm sure it was true.