Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Tom/Rose and the 32

Here is a picture of Tom in his famous 32 roadster in front of Beckman Instruments where he worked at one time. The other is a picture of when Rose won at the Winternationals in Tom's 32....I believe the class at that time was A/SR.

Monday, October 28, 2013

Big Twin before shipping

A shot of Big Twin at Bones Legacy's shop in vegas before it shipped to it's creator Dave Brackett.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Big news on the Big Twin!

Bones Legacy Choppers of Las Vegas has had Big Twin for a couple years and has very slowly begun a restoration. They pulled the motors and had them re-chromed and rebuilt. However one of the previous owners had seriously damaged the chassis when attempting to put a blower on the Twin. In a very smart move Bones Legacy shipped the Big Twin to it's original builder Dave Brackett to do the repairs. Dave received the Big Twin this week and below are some pictures he took of it on arrival. I saw the Big Twin every day at AEE but I don't think I ever saw it missing the two outside Goodyear Blue Streaks (which they removed for shipping). Kind of looks like a funny car from the rear!  enjoy the pictures and also a summary story by Dave I will post in a bit. Dave is a magician and a genius and he will take very good care of his baby I'm sure!

Monday, October 14, 2013

Brown seat and pad

There currently is on Ebay an AEE seat and pad in brown. While I never liked them they do look right on some chops. If nothing else they are in superb condition considering their age....and the pad still has the AEE part number tag on it. It would be real easy to have them recovered by someone like the Haifley Brothers in black and have a real nice looking AEE seat and pad.....

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

and more trike pictures...its a gold mine!

An interesting collection....of pictures...note that the trike originally had 6 vertical exhaust pipes as shown in one of the pictures but no fenders. Later it appears some fenders got added by the owner and the engine worked on and the exhaust removed.

More pictures of the might AEE Chopper Corvair Trike

Below are some more new photos of the Corvair Trike that the Atha family has provided to me. Warren Atha owned the trike for some time and his family is kindly sharing photos of the trike with us. We are on the look out for the trike and hope someone somewhere will find it. Last reported to be in LA. the last picture shows a brown upholstery around the guages which we believe it had when sold to last known owner.