Wednesday, July 27, 2011

A nice AEE sissy bar

This is a  later sissy bar that AEE produced. Our original selction was fairly small but grew a lot over the years. this bar is untouched from 40 years ago and note how good the chrome still is.

Early bars did not have the AEE logo stamped in, indeed they had no markings. I do know I was always amazed at the depth of the chrome we got from Orange county Chrome. Quite often I inspected parts as they returned from chrome and there was very little that ever got sent back. The inspection process was performed with each piece after we removed them from the newspaper they came back to us in (hey it was 1970-71, newspaper was the packing material of choice). we would visual and run our hands over the item then in some cases pack them in plastic (each seat was in plastic as an example) then put on the shelf. sissy bars and handlebars were built and shipped in such quantities that they had individual racks for each bar type. It meant for a pretty extensive inventory when you consider most of the handlebars came in 7/8" and 1" and sissy bars for both rigid and swing arm models!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Dave's new sidehack!

Dave Brackett our designer and engineer at AEE has taken his VW drag bike and adapted a sidehack to it for street use. Typical for Dave its forward thinking and well made. Check out his springer, its a piece of art and he builds it all himself. Notice also that the VW engine is in the front. think about that for a minute....takes some real work and ingenuity to make that work. Oh, and the faux western town in the shot he built in on his property too!

Be different!