Wednesday, July 31, 2013

AEE reverse rib fender

A friend of the AEE John Kelly (he has an interesting build going on that is AEE related but more on that when he is ready) recently came across an AEE rarity....our reverse rib fender. Fenders are a dime a dozen but these reverse ribs were quite unique at the time and you won't find one very often. Fenders are one of those things that get changed often and so there aren't many left. As you can see in the pictures (excuse the hideous green paint) the side fender lip has a crease rolled in to it. If you look at our sissy bars the fender mount brace mimics this shape and they are a perfect match together, notice too the arc of the fender. I checked with Dave Brackett our brilliant designer and engineer and he indicated that our sub-contractor HOG Manufacturing in LA made these for us. We had been getting regular fenders from them and asked if they could do something different and this is the result. I remember quite clearly cutting the hell out of myself most days trying to separate stacks of these fenders so we could ship them out. Sold a ton of them! Enjoy another small piece of AEE history......

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