Friday, July 26, 2013


Dave talked with me about the amount of "flop" in the kit bike's front end. He said we should do something about it as the trail number was much too high, about 8".
He cooked up an idea of how to remedy it.....First he would bend the upper triple tree plate 5 degrees, then he would extend and then re-machine the lower tree with a 5 degree rake in the stem. Then he would extend the legs of the square glide about 4"....we would end up with a chopper that is about 5" longer, sits about the same, steers better, no flop and has a wonderful trail number of 3".  I said sounded good to me (thats because I understand it and how to do the work its beyond my abilities). Sure enough Dave whipped it out in a couple days of hard work. Look carefully at the pictures. While the kit bike is not sitting on the lift in the exact same position you can see the difference in the tree (no rake one picture, rake in next) and its easy to see the additional length.....amazing work by an amazing guy Dave Brackett!

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