Monday, May 14, 2012

Odd parts, 1975 dealer catalog

This catalog I am going to be posting the next few days is a dealer only issue during the very last gasps of AEE. You note there are part numbers but no pricing (I have the price sheet too). Many of the items are literally "one off" as none ever were sold and the only one produced were the prototype piece. Here is page one and it has a number of interesting items. first up while AEE sold some of the trike kits along the way the trike frame was something no one knows much about, same with the swing arm sections, the KZ900 frames and suspension frames. Even more odd is the fiberglass trike body (the tank did not come with it, it's on another page of the catalog). Other than the 45 rigid frame and the trike kit a lot of this is a mystery.
Probably the biggest thing shown here is a Softail frame 9 years before Harley "invented" theirs!!!
AEE was faltering badly and grasping at straws by this point. Without new bikes and Street Chopper magazine to publicize new parts they didn't stand a chance. Enjoy a blast from the past.....more to follow.

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