Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Page 2 1975 dealer catalog

This page is very interesting from my standpoint. It has three front ends on it that are quite unique and only one ever got in to production. In the middle is the very cool AEE girder that Dave Brackett designed. Slim, sleek and very trick. Never was near as popular as out springers but a very fine piece and well engineered. On the left is something the would not normally catch your eye unless you read the description. It looks like its just an ad for extended tubes or shaved legs. In reality it's a complete glide front end from AEE BUT with no oil in it. Taking a cue from the AEE square glide front end it uses springs and teflon buttons. No history on these at all and believe it was zero production. Last on the right is something else that never went any further. Basically a square tube springer with the tube turned 45 degrees to make it diamond shape. Interesting idea and tough to build but again none around. Enjoy!

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