Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Page 4 1975 dealer catalog

We start off with the sissy bars. This selection is fairly boring. If you look most of them are variations of the same bar. Early on we only had the fork bar and a few others. It and the rams bar were the biggest sellers as I remember it. During the middle years of AEE we had a decent selection of models. Eventually though due to the amount of different models and types the inventory got pretty crazy and I presume that is one reason why the selection got cut. Remember we made and stocked all of this so it was a lot of inventory. Nearly no such thing as a back order from us.
Tthe fenders listed is interesting as it shows chromed fenders something we did not do previously except for cheap front fenders we purchased from a vendor. We had a wonderful reverse rib fender that went on all our bikes that no one makes these days, it was a sweet piece and different in a subtle way. Somehow though it isn't listed here. The swing arm sissy bar mounts was a nice addition. Mounting a sissy bar to a swing arm was always a problem. I know I had a one-off AEE bar mounted to a Honda 350 I owned at the time with hose clamps! Oh, how I wish I had that bar back. It was made for me by Bill Brundage our head of the welding department and there was no other like it. It was payment for letting AEE using my 350 as a prototype mule for our pipes, sissy bar and a few other 350 only parts. Enjoy another piece of AEE history.

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