Monday, April 30, 2012

Molly Ride report

A great friend of the AEE blog Art Holling sent in this report about the memorial ride for Molly:
"Went on the Molly Ride Saturday. Thanks for posting the ride on the AEE website. I rode my 1960 Panhead and my friend Jeff rode his 1947 Indian. The ride started out with a wonderful breakfast at the Temecula Creek Inn complements of the event sponsors. Then a nice 125 mile back roads ride to Lake Cuyamaca. There was a great assortment of bikes, Harleys, Hondas, Yamahas, a new Triumph, and a Ducati. One of the riders had purchased Mollys Yamaha and took it on the ride (see attachment). There were two Buick Grand Nationals on the ride. The owners belonged to the Grand National Club and wanted to show support for Molly because he designed the Grand National logo for Buick. Everyone there had some kind of connection with Molly. My first introduction to Molly was in 1971 when Jeff (same Jeff) was going to Cal State Fullerton. He took me to the Art department at CSF to show me three Choppers that were on display. When we got there it turned out to be a show of Mollys work. There were wall paintings ,helmets, two custom cars and the three Choppers. I've included a website that documented this show.  At Lake Cuyamaca we had a great lunch again paid for by the event sponsors. After lunch the group took off for another 100+ mile ride back to the Temecula Creek Inn. I was surprised how well I was able to keep up with all the modern bikes thru the turns with the AEE springer on my bike. Great job on the design. Both of the vintage bikes did real well against the modern bikes. I don't know if it's the old bikes or my age but after 200+ miles I sure an sore today !  It was a very well planned event that I would do again.


As a side note one of the bikes on the wbesite showing the Art of Molly is loaded with AEE parts, it was built by Chopper Specialties one of AEE's dealers in SoCal and one of Tom's friends.
That is ART's panhead behind Molly's bike.....sweet!

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