Friday, April 20, 2012

NOT AEE parts on Ebay

I get very frustrated....on Ebay today are 46 items listed as AEE or AEE Choppers. Exactly 3 of them are AEE parts. Buyer be very very aware. I will happily let you know if a part is really AEE. I will not confirm anything that I am even the slightest hesitant about. I check it against my memory, the actual parts catalogs and articles and also run some of them past Lenny our parts manager and Dave our designer.
It drives me freaking nuts that some people market things knowingly as AEE and they know they aren't. Many people don't know and do it innocently. When I tell them a part isn't AEE they note it as such but others ignore me and continue to sell using the AEE name for old parts that just weren't ours.
Guys use the resource you have here!

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