Monday, March 12, 2012

visits to all three AEE Chopper locations as they are today

This weekend I got this great email and pictures from a wonderful reader named Art Holling:

I read on the AEE website that you suggested looking up the the old AEE locations on Google. After looking them up I decided to go visit them. I thought it would be cool for my springer to return to where it was made. My bike was built in 1970 so I don't know if it was made in Anaheim or Placentia. I believe that was the year AEE moved from Anaheim to Placentia.
I rode my 1960 Panhead and my friend Jeff Mellon rode his 1947 Indian chopper. Jeff has owned his Indian since 1974. I rode from my house in Corona to Jeff's in Chino. We left from there and rode thru Carbon Canyon to the Placentia location at 730 Monroe Way. Pacific Metal Cutting is in the building now. Jeff found a date nail in the telephone pole in front of the building dated 1970 so the building must have been new when AEE moved there. Then it was a short ride to the Anaheim location at 1420 N Burton Place. Santa Ana Wheel is in the building now. There is a new " Gentleman's Club" next door. Good thing that wasn't there when AEE was at that location. I had been to both locations with friends that were building Choppers years ago. I had never been to the Buena Park location, this was my first time. It was located at 7931 Whitaker St. A Quick photo and we were on our way. Hope you enjoy the pictures.  Also Jeff and I signed up for the Molly ride in April. We wouldn't have known about it without the AEE Website. Thanks Again.
 Art Holling 

Art, your springer was made at the Anaheim location, we moved over to Placentia in early 71. By the way the front door on Burton Place was behind that green steel bar gate. Across the street at that time was Fluidmaster and next door was empty lots. Also if you watch the clip of Tom on the Corvair trike he pulls in to the Whitaker shop. Thanks so much for the story, visit and pictures! 

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