Wednesday, March 14, 2012

AEE Honda 750 frame

Last night I picked up this frame from a nice guy named Cameron in Sebatopol, CA which isn't far from AEE world headquarters here in Napa, CA. He got this frame from a guy that was going to build a chopper......and thought this was for a Harley! Cameron has other projects going on including hot rodding a 73 Duster (that he has owned since he was 15) so he never got to the chopper build. Like all of us time and money got in the way. the frame has a few holes here and there that will need filled but otherwise is in great shape. One interesting thing that got added along the way is very well done fork stops. They are round tube angled out from the neck with rubber bumpers on them. Not sure if I will keep them but they are very well done. I was lucky to get this for a very special build that will get under as soon as my Sportster project is complete. This one will be for my youngest son Devin, a father and son build.


  1. Since its a Honda, is it going to be a Denver style bike?

  2. Nope....AEE style! Stay tuned.....

  3. Damn now you've got me wondering if mine is an AEE.

    1. Like I said I got to looking at yours and it struck me it might be AEE. Any pictures of the frame without the engine in it? Or during construction?
      our Honda 750 frames were designed and built by Dave Bracektt or engineer and designer. He had his own company he set up called Brackett Chassis and built and sold them to us and others. With pictures I could get Dave to identify it. Email me at