Tuesday, March 27, 2012

AEE blue Aris lights

UPDATE THESE JUST SOLD FOR $740 ON Ebay!!!! Less than 20 bucks new.
Here is some shots of the AEE blue Aris lights. They were unique due to the blue interior color. Repop's are being made of the regular Aris light but they are much thicker than the Aris light of the 60's-70's. Interesting light but not every chopper looks right with these on them.


  1. Curious to know if they stayed stateside?

  2. I seriously doubt they stayed stateside. One guy ahd inquired about freight to Sweden I think. Who knows, I bowed out of the bidding a long ways back from $740!! Some of this stuff is just nuts unless you are some kind of demented collector. I have a decent archive going of AEE parts but I am doing it to save the stuff not for monetary gain. I am trying to bring a reminder to all of a time and palce that is rapidly disappearing. I was part of a special thing, AEE Choppers and am merely trying to honor it.