Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Dave Brackett at work

Here is a shot of Dave with a little bit of AEE history....AEE frame that Dave designed and built for us, AEE square glide front end and an AEE mini drum. I took this a couple weeks ago up at Dave's place. Note the Kaiser Henry J in the background. Just one of Dave's toys. He is pointing to where the fork stops need to go on this build. More on it later. Don't you love his hydraulic work table?


  1. Looks like a motorcycle lift

  2. It is a motorcycle lift but what you can't see is Dave inset it in to the concrete floor so that its flush with the floor when down. He uses it as a work table, just drags or rolls stuff over to it, raises it up, slides his work on to it and then raises it the rest of the way. Very nice having it recessed in the floor so that it is not in the way.