Sunday, November 13, 2011

AEE Square glide and my first day at AEE

This is a picture of the first square glide, it was part of an article about the glide in May 1971 Street Chopper. I went to work at AEE early in 1971 which is when this was shot. The guy on the left is Jim Clark who was with Tom off and on at AEE and Street Chopper and Street Rodder over the years. Probably knew Tom the longest of anyone and was part of the formation of AEE Choppers. The other guy in the picture is the guy that hired me, named Ralph. I post this as he hired me on friday night. I show up monday morning and he is not there. I stand around out front after all the employees file in and Tom asks me why I'm there. I tell him I got hired friday by Ralph. He says "well come on in, I fired him friday night!"......that was my welcome to AEE.

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