Monday, November 14, 2011

AEE Square springer

This is a crappy shot of an AEE springer I have (in the shot it looks like the front legs have twist to them. They don't, it's a reflection off my balding head or something). It has the wrong rockers on it. They are the fishtail style that went on the round springer's instead of the crescents that went on square springers. However you could buy each style rocker separately so perhaps that's how these got on there. Its in good shape but I will disassemble and get it re-chromed for use on a future project. it even has the correct nut covers on it which are tough to come by these days.


  1. I love it I have one my self but crazy narrow 40 inches from bottom other to bottom of legs but I'm missing rockers 1 stud and the top springs

  2. No parts available, last one's made in 1975.