Tuesday, October 4, 2011

My man LENNY!

I rode 600 miles from Napa to Needles earlier this year on my Road Star (work in progress) to see my long time friend and fellow AEE Choppers work mate, Lenny Cenotti. Other than Tom and Rose he worked at AEE longer than anyone. He was the parts manager and worked the front counter nearly all the time. He devoted a lot of time and effort to the company and was there until the very end when it was just he and Rose. Along the way he and his bike were featured in some articles including a couple of runs that AEE participated in. He was a friend to Tom and Rose (he has a blog dedicated to Tom). Later on he worked for Rose's motorcycle magazine and unfortunately was injured in a motorcycle accident during what was called the Three Flags Run (he was parked on the shoulder of the road and got hit by a guy on a bike with sidecar). His injuries were substantial and long lasting, casuing him problems to this day. Though the decades since the accident have been so difficult it would have destroyed a lesser man Lenny has flourished. He always puts forth a happy and kind word to me. He trained himself in the computer world and runs his own small business out of his home. We had some wonderful times at AEE and after and if I got nothing else from AEE I got my friend.

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  1. Enjoyed your visit. Great seeing you again my friend. Look forward to getting together again some day in the future.