Monday, October 10, 2011

The Man Himself....Dave Brackett!

Dave is the genius behind the most famous AEE bikes. He designed and built all your favorites. Yes, Tom McMullen was the face of AEE but Dave and a handful of other employee's were the guys that made it happen. I had the pleasure of spending some time this weekend with Dave at his home. We worked on a personal project of mine and it was an honor and pleasure to be able to work with him. Dave and I worked at AEE at the same time. Though i didn't interface with him very much you couldn't help but be aware that he was the guy that had built the bikes and designed an amazing amount of the parts. We talked all day and in to the night about AEE and all that went in to the creation of the magic that it was.
He is still building amazing creations and has a garage and barn full of them. I highly recommend you read his articles:

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