Thursday, September 29, 2011

Wing Tank

This wing tank is an AEE clone built by Acu-Weld. Dimensionally it is a bit different and holds more fuel than ours did. It's layout isn't exactly the same but close. Wing tanks you either love or hate and you have to be real careful what you put them on. On some choppers it looks perfect others it looks like an abortive after thought.
Acu-Weld was actually SMC/Acu-Weld which eventually became V-Twin parts.
The very first wing tank was built by Dave Brackett of AEE Choppers and put on our bike named "Really" which was a Honda 350 chopper in 1969. Good luck finding a Honda 350 chopper that pre-dates that!


  1. Owned by that same parts slinger I showed you before. she had AEE replica bars. Loffer.