Wednesday, September 7, 2011


Here is a nice shot of our Supersport withe Tom's shotgun carrier mounted to the springer. The shotgun was a sawed off 12 gauge (legal length) that we kept on the wall behind the cash box. Tom actually rode around a few times that I am aware of with this on the bike. Got pulled over and asked about it but since it wasn't loaded (on the bike, it was on the wall) not much they could do. I'm pretty sure for a very short time we sold the shotgun holder, I keep searching as my memory says we did but I can't find a catalog with it in it or else I am just missing it.

The Supersport was a very interesting bike. Very long and narrow, fit Tom well as he was small. proportions were just right. It like all of our bikes ended up being a parts mule for new products, many pictures exist of this bike with a variety of parts put on it.

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