Thursday, April 30, 2015

Another AEE chopper found it appears!

This one was Rose McMullen's chopper, called Woman's Pride on the cover of the March 1970 issue of street Chopper. This panhead was owned by Jim Clark who sold it to Rose and then Jim and Tom McMullen (all three of them the founders of AEE Choppers and Street Chopper magazine) built Rose's bike.The current owner bought it in 1995. due to exposure when stored he had to remove the tank and molding and repaint (still has the tank in the original paint....paint by Molly). The original springer was not with it when he purchased it. He does have the original sissy bar and brake set up. Below are pictures of when he got it in 1995 and how it is currently. If you are seriously interested in a piece of chopper history you can contact this site and I will put you in touch with him.

Thanks to Big Al for sharing with us....let's find some more AEE builds! This chopper along with Big Twin and the Corvair Trike being found (and now restored by Paul Ponkow of Bones Legacy Choppers in Las Vegas) proves they are out there somewhere.....if you have one or suspect you know where one might be please contact us.

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