Monday, April 6, 2015


I have chased the Corvair Trike for many years. Along the way I found all the previous owners, many stories, some pictures and documentation.....but never did I lay eyes on the bike. The last owner would not send me pictures proving he had it. However......he eventually contact Paul Ponkow of Bones Legacy who just restored Big Twin. Paul struggled to get pictures but with a  combination of will and cash he got pictures and this Sunday he became the new owner of the AEE Corvair Trike! That's right Bones Legacy ahs it and is going to restore it to it's former glory.
Incredibly most of the trike is there in its original state. A few items are incorrect but unlike Big Twin it is structurally intact. Like Big Twin the important parts are all there...driveline, body, front end etc. In this case though the very original Molly paint is still on it. I rode in this with Tom McMullen will wheelie at will trust me! Sadly, Like Big Twin, I was also one of the guys that loaded it up and shipped it off the day it left AEE. Both bad days for me.
I'll update you as time goes by but for now enjoy the pictures......

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