Monday, September 24, 2012

I'm back and Paul JR. knows nothing!

Just got back from a 90 mile backpack in the High Sierras so I will post and catch up here soon.

Meanwhile I got this from Paul at Bones Legacy Choppers:

I was flicking through the tv today,,OCC was on ,Jr, was building a 5 wheel trike,,he claimed it was the only one in the world ever built,  i cant believe what an idiot he is,, the BIG TWIN is so well known,,i cant believe they aired what he said.

BIG TWIN was the first 5 wheeler (and twin engined auto trans)!!! Kid doesn't know his chopper history at all.


  1. please forgive my english, but Jr's head is stucked up in his fucked up ass for too long. i guess the only history lesson he got is from supermarket flyers. i probably learn more chopper history from ebay, then he'll ever be from books. once again i'm sory for any harsh word. BIG TWIN rules for sure..!!

  2. I just posted your post on Twitter to enlighten my followers. I've got 1,507 followers and the majority of them are motorcycle related, so maybe the word will filter back to Jr.

  3. He doesn't even know the present never mind the future.