Wednesday, September 12, 2012

AEE Panhead covers

Our buddy Panhead Dave sent us these photos of some AEE panhead covers he may be selling. You don't see these very often and this set is in great shape. If I hear where he will be selling them I'll try to post it. Meanwhile enjoy some more AEE goodness.....


  1. I lived in Napa most of my life. From 65 to 95. It was a lot smaller and rural back then. Was a good place to grow up. I started out with mini bikes and graduated to cycles. I used to love those AEE catalogs.Too cool. Went in the Marines in 1/72. Was stationed at El Toro in 73. Finally made it to AEE showroom. Was like a dream come true. I know a lot of people don't know any of this history. You guys really helped the evoloution of the chopper. Glad I was able to see that. Pretty wild that your in Napa now! Best wishes, Leonard Marsh

  2. i share your love of aee chopppers. i grew up in satx. i followed aee. i did make it to ca. in 1977' but i did not get to visit aee.