Wednesday, February 1, 2012

An Unknown AEE catalog

I recently found this catalog and uncovered a mystery. First you will note the date on the catalog 1968/1969. The cover is similar to the first AEE catalog but Rose and Boomer are missing from the picture with the Corvair Trike. Inside the front cover is a glued in discount schedule. The schedule applies certain discounts to certain 10% for A, 15% for B and so on. The last few pages are a price list showing each part number and price and it's respective discount letter. Obviously this was a catalog given to dealers that wanted to sell AEE parts. Now the most interesting thing....the cover says AEE Cycles not Choppers!. Never have I seen that on anything from AEE. A real oddity and a bit of a mystery. I am going to try to chase down more info on this one.

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