Wednesday, February 8, 2012

AEE logo stamping

AEE did not stamp their parts until about 1972. In 1971 we started etching some parts and then went to stamping also. This picture illustrates the location of the stamp on sissy bars. Triple trees, springers, mono girders and square glides were all stamped or etched under the bottom triple tree. Risers got stamped on the bottom. To my knowledge nothing else got stamped though some items had assembly part numbers stamped in to them. Back then frames didn't get stamped or MSO's either typically. Kind of confusing really. If the stamp or etch is there it's AEE if not it still might be. We did put part number stickers on everything but most of them were removed at the time of purchase or have worn off the part. I do have two seats with the part number tag in place but it's very rare to find.

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