Thursday, January 19, 2012

find AEE

here is some fun....Google map 730 Monroe Way, Placentia, CA.
The stick pin will be stuck in to the last AEE location. That buildings is one of 4 we had (the four that are all joined together). The main building held our showroom, offices and parts warehouse, building just below this one was our warehouse and where we kept the cats, Spoke and Cibie (cats as in mountain lions). First building to the right of the main building was our production/welding/assembly/machine shop. Building just below it was for Street Chopper and prototype department.
There were a few exceptions to this but in general that is the way it laid out.

You can do the same with the previous shop at 1420 Burton Place, Anaheim, CA and the original shop at 7931 Wittaker, Buena Park, CA.  I worked at the last two locations but missed out on Wittaker!

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