Monday, January 16, 2012

Dave Bell

Dave Bell did lots of cartoons for Street Chopper and does them for Street Rodder to this day. Lenny Cenotti our parts manager at AEE was fortunate enough to have Dave draw him a personal cartoon of Lenny riding. According to Lenny one day Rose McMullen walked out and said "here is a package for you". In it was this drawing for Lenny. Enjoy a sidelight of the AEE years thanks to Lenny and Dave. Oh, and those cases of Coors are close to correct, Lenny and I polished off many a drink back in the day together! In fact at one point we were both so broke that Lenny invented a drink for us...he had an old bottle of Galliano liquor that had been sitting around looking cool gathering dust. We dumped that in a glass with ice and coke and we had an instant "Tall Cool Lenny".

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