Wednesday, February 23, 2011


this is the second shop, it was on Burton Place and is where I started to work for AEE. It was at the end of a culdesac and across the street was a company called Fluidmaster. They made toilet valves of all things. in many of the older issues of Street Chopper the bikes were shot on the street and you can see either empty fields or Fluidmaster in the background. The shop and production area's were very crowded, showroom was tiny and so on. AEE was busting at the seams and we soon moved over to the next and last shop in Placentia not far away. The front door was one side of the glass but the other side opened too as the bikes were behind it. My very first day I had to back in our Shovelhead and I dropped it in the doorway as the door started to close on it. Luckily I stuffed myself between the bike, ground and door and saved it from damage. I had turned the front end too sharply and paid the price. Scared the heck out of me.

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