Tuesday, February 8, 2011

My buddy Lenny

Lenny was the parts manager and became my friend and still is. This posed shot was our idea of a security system. Lenny, cuffed to the Mindbender with our shotgun in hand. What you can't see is the .38 in a shoulder holster. We kept the shotgun on the wall right behind the counter so you could see it. What you didn't see is the .38 or the 9mm in the cash drawer. It kind of cleared up the idea of ever ripping AEE off for some cash. Incredibly though one day some dude stole a springer out of the showroom (off the display rack)  while Lenny was in the warehouse getting some parts. He walked right past our security guard outside! Also below is a drawing of Lenny done by the guy that did the cartoons in Street Chopper, can't remember his name right now.

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