Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Big Twin upholstery

upholstery in....that's Paul Ponkow of Bones legacy trying it on for size....


  1. I'm glad that you went to the original RED
    color . I remember there was blisters on the original red paint,

  2. paint never dried right, Mollys epoxy had a long dry time and it just didnt get it. Build was done in a bit over 30 days start to finish. When the red was changed to the purple psychadelic paint we also built a girder front end instead of the springer that was on it.

  3. I remember when it had a sprinnger front forks and a locked rear end it wouldnt turn . The frontend would just wash out .Do you remember me Bob Blunder ? in the mag .

  4. Looking really good. The original springer looked a lot better than the rigid girder. Too bad it didn't function well so was replaced.