Monday, December 9, 2013

Big Twin tank and shifter

Dave Brackett keeps adding to the magic of the Big Twin restoration. He got the fuel/oil tank (note the two caps) mounted up and the shifter put back in place. He told me that he simplified the linkage of the shifter compared to what he had originally installed (is not visible). Big Twin is really coming together, next up is Dave will fabricate the exhaust system that goes down and under then exits high on the body by the license plate. He is a master at this and indeed built exhaust systems for many of the famous racing cars back in the day including a land speed record holder.


  1. Very Nice! It doesn't get any better than to have the original fabricator restore the missing pieces.

  2. Looking good! It must feel great to not only have his Masterpiece back with him again, after all these years, but to actually be working on it and making it even better. The Big Twin was a part of the best years of my life. Really looking forward to seeing the big twin finished, up and running with Dave proudly standing next to it or riding it. Wish I could be there to see it.