Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Todays Big Twin update

Dave Brackett, AEE Choppers designer and engineer, shared these pictures with me today of the ongoing Big Twin restoration in conjunction with Bones Legacy of Las Vegas. He tore down the 45 rear end (said the grease was a solid as a rock), got in to the torsion bar tube which was full of water and got it all cleaned up, got rear suspension cleaned up and corrected, got tires to seat and inflate (they are the original 1969 Goodyear bluestreaks), he also had to straighten the handlebars, cleaned up the C4 trans....lots of small but important things being fixed, restored and corrected. He said materials are arriving to begin the fabrication/repair of the neck and frame that got hacked up by a PO. His exact words were "it's a mess" but not once did he say he could not make it right. Dave is the man!

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