Wednesday, August 28, 2013

AEE chopper parts for sale

From now through the weekend I'm going to give all of you the opportunity to buy some of my AEE stash before I put it up all over the place. Some of you have been loyal followers of my highly erratic AEE blog and this is a way to thank you. You are getting first crack at them.
I have more pictures of each item. Each item is AEE original. If you want to see pictures of an item email me at:

A quick list of what I have includes: Honda 750 frame, sissy bar, spool hub, risers, cobra seat, pad, square springer, bowtie tweak bar, hex shaped mini brake hub, shit pegs, mousetrap eliminator kit and more.

 I also have some non- AEE items that are brand new unused including an Easy Rider gas tank, rear fender, 16" chrome rear wire wheel, 19" front wheel and new Avon tire and more. You literally could build a nearly complete AEE parts bike with what I have (note in picture the King and Queen seat is gone).Lots more than what is in this shot!!!!

Again I have more pictures of every item so hit me up.

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