Monday, April 8, 2013

AEE Corvair Trike title!

Thanks to Scott Russell at Motosport Hillsboro we now have a copy of the title for the famous AEE Corvair Trike. He was the 4th owner (AEE, then winner of the contest that gave away the Trike, gentleman shown on this title and then Scott). Scott sold it about 10 years ago to someone in Southern California and we haven't seen it since. Scott said it was in fairly rough shape with the pipes missing and some of the chrome not doing well but certainly could be restored.
Thanks again Scott and for anyone up Oregon/Washington way you might want to check in with him, he is a large dealer and has a motorcycle collection with some chopper sin it:

Scott Russell
Shop:  503.648.4555
Cell:    971.246.2073

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  1. This is very cool! Always nice to see any history of my dad's. He lived an amazing life. ...He was an amazing man!