Thursday, February 28, 2013

New AEE kit bike picture

This is courtesy of our great friend of the blog Warren Bond. With intense digging out on the web he found this. The AEE Kit Bike with Tom and others. Behind him is the white AEE Panhead.
UPDATE:  Here is the story behind the picture:::
It was in the late spring of 1972, we had just finished fixing up a van to take two bikes to Laconia ( the ones that got stolen). Tom wanted to do a test run, so Tom and Dean Rediger, the guy on the harley, put the bikes in the new van, it had a platform built on the roof for photographers. They drove out to Lake Elsinore, there was a motocross bike race of some kind going on there, parked outside of town, unloaded, and cruised the event. You can see in the photo girl scouts selling cookies behind the bikes. There was a lot of bikers there. They hung around most of the day, loaded up and came home. The bikes were the Kit Bike sportster, Dean had just put the narrow square springer front end on, and the Harley "Panhead 74", "How to Build a Chopper" bike.

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