Saturday, October 13, 2012

Avionic Structures

One of the most important vendors AEE used way back in the day was Avionic Structures of Anaheim. They made and bent many of our tubing items for us to our design and specification. I also believe they did some of our flame cutting work too. At any rate they were a very important vendor of raw pieces to us. Dave Brackett was the guy that found them and worked with them to produce our parts. I recently tried to run down the owner and see if he had any AEE plans left and sadly I was bit late on the draw as the owner shut down in 2010 and all the records and tooling are gone.

All manufacturers use suppliers and vendors to some extent. There is one frame shop right now making a great many of the finished frames that others are selling under their own name as if it was their part. AEE had some items we did not make but they did not get relabeled by us as our part with one or two minor instances. If it was ours and we made the finished product we said so.

I no sooner posted this and Dave chimed in with this:
Brent, the owner of Avionics Structures  and I graduated high school together, that is why I went to him for help. He had a great fab shop. We talk every couple months.
Cool stuff!

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