Thursday, August 2, 2012


I thought I should bring up the whole subject of Sportsters. These days they get looked down upon as a "girls" bike. The reality is back in the day they were the hot rod of the HD line. Probably more Sportsters got chopped than anything else. They were fast, light and compact and lots of chopper parts became available for them. The first (and our only) kit bike we ever produced was a Sportster. We actually did the kit idea a couple times over the years in Street Chopper magazine and it was always a Sportster. Our racing side of the business had Leo Payne on the Turnip Eater, fastest Sporty in the world for a long time. Of course our most famous Sportster was our bike called "Supersport shown here with Tom McMullen aboard. Designed and built by Dave Brackett. So I'd prevail upon everyone to take a second look at all sportsters, not jsut the old Ironheads as a very viable option. Remember in the dawn of choppers we chopped everything not just Hogs.....light and fast was the word...Sportys, Triumphs, Hondas and so on.


  1. You are exactly right !!! As a matter of fact, that bike is still an awesome site !!! It's too bad most pictures available of it seem to not communicate the beautiful paint job that Molly did on it.....if you have any more pics of it....don't be shy !!! We want to see 'em. Thanks again for the site !!! Bill