Wednesday, January 5, 2011

AEE kit bike Sportster

This is the kit bike prior to the blower being isntalled, running a Weber carb. By the way I used to have to rejet the Weber's that we sold so if you ever got one that wasn't quite right you can blame me! I had no clue what I was doing. LOL
The kit bike was all AEE parts though it was marketed as a CCI bike (CC Industries). CCI was a way for them to market the same parts at typically a lower price without anyone knowing. It also allowed the magazine (Street Chopper) to not just focus on AEE though in essence it was. CCI had a limited amount of parts offered and the kit bike was one of them. It was great fun pulling every single part for a chopper and shipping it to one guy!
We had 4 buildings and 2 faced one street and 2 faced the other so AEE's address was on one street and CCI and Street Chopper were on the other! Not much got by Tom when it came to ways to make money.

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