Friday, October 8, 2010

My favorite ad of AEE's....

This ad ran on the back cover of many issues of Street Chopper. It's me pretending I'm working on the Shovelhead. We shot it over in one of our other building, young lady worked in the front office at AEE. It is dark as it was shot in such a way to mimic night time. I hauled all the parts and boxes over along with the Shovelhead. Another great day at AEE for me!


  1. Hey man:

    Thanks for doing this. Aee was/is an important part of motorcycle culture. I am building a cb750 and I think the frame is aee/c&g how do I determine that? Were there any frame numbers? Mine has a number but I assume that is a later owner addition to come up with a titling requirement.

    Thanks again, I appreciate your hard work as well as your sharing aee and your story

    Rev mike

  2. I tried posting a comment but something went haywire. email me some pictures and I may be able to identify it. I'm still in contact with the guy that designed and built the 750 frames.


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    Thanks for doing this i love this blog

  4. Man !
    What a great site !!! Big twin was one of my all time favorite vehicles !!!! I spent many hours as a young man fantasizing about that bike !! Any chance of more pics and details on this great piece of art ??? I'm sure I'm not alone in this request !!!

    Keep up the good work !!!!