Monday, April 5, 2010

Today starts my renewal of the AEE legacy. I will be updating and renewing the AEE Choppers web site as time goes by along with keeping this blog fresh! I will be doing this with the help of other original AEE employees like Lenny Cenotti and Dave Brackett.
For any of you out there that are big AEE fans and have pictures or stories please feel free to post away, the more the merrier.


  1. I am sure this will be an awesome blog. When I was in my early teens, I collected everything I could get concerning AEE. Whatever happened to Rose?

    Good luck with the blog!

  2. I have what I believe is the first AEE catalog. The one with Rose sitting on a trike with the tiger.

    How do I send you a pic of it?


  3. Not sure what happened to Rose, I do know she remarried. Lenny our parts manager worked for her after AEE folded and he lost contact too. That is the first AEE catalog and that is our lion named Boomer with her, real collectors item at this point! I think I have a picture of it I will post.

  4. The first time I met Tom McMullen as I can remember was back in 1967 in his Buena Park shop on Stanton St. I just got laid off from the GM assembly plant over South Gate CA and was out looking for work. Tom was a real nice guy and took me on a tour of his machine shop in the back of his showroom as I think he had opening for a drill press machine operator. He was very busey and I told him I would be back if I could not find anything.That was the first and last time that I ever met Tom personally as I hired in at North American Aviation over in
    El Segundo CA. Back then the HD Sportster XLCH was the hot bike to have which I still have to this day as they were easy customize and looked good. Even some of the HD dealers were starting to work the Famous Sporty's I still have a AEE cobra seat on mine. On Friday nites we used to ride over to Harveys Drive In on Firestone Drag Strip BLVD in Downey as a lot of the old school first generation bike and car builders use to hang. Bill Car,Larry Watson,Boyd Coddington who worked at Western Gear,Bill Hines,Ed Roth,George Barris,Gene Winfield,Jungle Jim from Lynwood just to name a few. I still have some vey fond memories of the guys that made it and some that did not but one thing for sure we all had a blast. God Bless
    Wally (Wolfman) Pearson

  5. Just looking at the style of bikes they built....I think I have one that was built in could I find out for sure?

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  7. I tore down my 1971 Sportster in 1971, and used a zillion AEE parts to customize it. Over/under Cibie lights, fender, sissy bar, pipes and all. I was the only "new" chop at Laconia that fall of 1971. My best friend also used a few parts on his panhead. We both made the arial shot in Big Bike. They don't build too many old style bikes today. I watch the buildoffs, and their bikes always seem to break down. Because of AEE, there was a source for quality parts. Keep the blog going. Hopefully the young guys will start to ask about the "good old days."

  8. I've got quite a story about Tom McMullen: I'm currently living in his house in Colorado, the one he never got to live in because of the plane crash. This place has got a TON of history but if anyone knows anything about the crash or Tom please e-mail me at

    Thank you SO much :)